Short Stories for Cruise Ship Travelers

A cruise ship is a place where you can can have some strange, funny and mysterious people and moments. This extended short story and fantasy book will reveal unknown details of all what can happen on a cruise liner and everything we really know about cruise travel. The stories in this book will make you laugh others will make you think, none will leave you indifferent.


I have always been interested in short stories, originally because I always preferred a quick pleasurable read rather than an extended, potentially long dragging book that did not keep my imagination captivated. I am a language enthusiast and enjoy teaching, so writing short stories was a relatively natural skill for me, originally it started as a hobby but after a few years it developed into a passion. I let life write my stories and take care to make them relatable to the current world, often with historical content and esoteric backgrounds. I am particularly fond of stories that have a spiritual, often Christian backgrounds. In the future my work will focus on creating inspiring stories with the central point being faith. I always aspire for my short stories to help and educate people, providing them with the information that they wish to gain. I like to keep a comical element in my writing as I feel this provides the reader with the relief they need when learning about heavy topics.

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